Monday, March 30, 2009

One last visit with Pap

Miller knew immediately the minute we walked into the room that Pap was lying in the hospital bed that that was Her Pap and believe me he knew the same. That that was his Miller Grace. He instantly wanted Miller to lay down in the bed with him. I just knew she was going to throw one of her back arching fits. But she didn't. She was so happy to see her Pap. You could see it in both of their eyes when they made contact. Pap went on to a glorious reunion on March 15, 2009. He met his Mother who was the apple of his eye, his strong-willed child, Linda, & his favorite coach, Tommy at the entrance of the pearly gates where the streets are gold. But I can honestly say he said.... I want to see Jesus and take a picture of him. Ü If you knew my pap, he always had his camera around his neck with his handheld police scanner in one hand. What a blessing Pap was to everyone in our family. Even though Miller didn't get to know him long... She knew who he was when she saw him.

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