Monday, September 29, 2008

Miller's first Bobcat Football Game

Miller is 3 weeks and 1 day old here. This is her first Hallsville Bobcat football game. She must have brought them good luck because Hallsville beat Mt. Pleasant 24 - 7 in their first district game of 2008. Next Friday, we play at Marshall. We plan on taking Miller again to see if she will bring more luck, but with Marshall it will take more skill than luck to bring home a W.<

The Many Faces of Miller

Courtney was at DeDe's with Miller one day and decided to capture all of Miller's funny faces. After Courtney feeds Miller, she dreams of happy places and makes many different faces one after another. Here are just a few.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

The winds from Hurricane Ike started picking up in our area around 12 PM and continued until about 8 or 9 PM, taking our power out with it. The pictures you see look like we have the lights on but don't be fooled. NO LIGHTS/NO AC. We like to keep our house like an ice box and thankfully Miller has adjusted. We just keep her well bundled. Unfortunatly, because we had no AC, we had to strip her down to her diaper. I guess she is pretty modest, because she didn't like that idea or the idea of it being a little toasty. About 2 AM she had all she could take and decided to wake everyone in the house up(Shane, Courtney, DeDe, Zippo, Coco, & Bentley) That is when Courtney and I held an emergency family meeting and decided that a cool car ride would be the best idea. We cruised down Hwy 80, then back around the loop taking about an hour and that was all it took. Miller was happy for the rest of the night. When I say happy, I mean asleep!!

Miller's Second Bath

Mom and Dad smartened up this time and used the little baby bath thing you see in the pics. This thing is amazing compared to the sink bath we tried to give her last time while she was laying on the counter. We actually think that little Miller was enjoying the bath because she was so pleasant the whole time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Miller Pics(9/11/08)

We took these pictures trying to get a good one for the birth announcement for the Longview News Journal which will run on Sunday Sept. 21st. My precious baby Miller is 1 week old in these pics. We just had just had her PKU test done and should get results next week some time. Miller is still doing great and we(the parents) are lovin' life and losin' sleep. Mainly momma is losing sleep because she's got the goods that daddy doesnt. Even still we are so excited to be parents and be blessed with a healthy, beautiful, happy, sweet, precious(and the list could go on) baby girl. May the Lord have the glory amen.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Miller's First Bath at Home(9/7/08)

Miller's first bath was nerve racking for Courtney and I. She was fine for the first 30 seconds(HA) but after that it was a race with the clock. Little Miller was so cold she was very loudly trying to convey to us to get some clothes back on her. We all made it through with tears in our eyes. When it was all said and done, Miller was clean and everybody was happy. Thats livin'

Miller with Aunt and Uncles(9/5 & 9/8)

The first three pictures are with Shane's brother and sister in law(Uncle Brandon and Aunt Leah) Aunt Leah said that Miller Grace already told her she is her favorite aunt. The last three pics are of Courtney's brother(Uncle Cory) and his girlfriend Megan. Cory and Brandon have some competition for favorite uncle. HHMM I wonder who will spoil her the most?