Monday, March 30, 2009

Miller & G-Pop

Miller loves her G-Pop. He can't get enough of her either. GG sent me some pictures of them that show just how much they love each other.

One last visit with Pap

Miller knew immediately the minute we walked into the room that Pap was lying in the hospital bed that that was Her Pap and believe me he knew the same. That that was his Miller Grace. He instantly wanted Miller to lay down in the bed with him. I just knew she was going to throw one of her back arching fits. But she didn't. She was so happy to see her Pap. You could see it in both of their eyes when they made contact. Pap went on to a glorious reunion on March 15, 2009. He met his Mother who was the apple of his eye, his strong-willed child, Linda, & his favorite coach, Tommy at the entrance of the pearly gates where the streets are gold. But I can honestly say he said.... I want to see Jesus and take a picture of him. Ü If you knew my pap, he always had his camera around his neck with his handheld police scanner in one hand. What a blessing Pap was to everyone in our family. Even though Miller didn't get to know him long... She knew who he was when she saw him.

First try with the Sippie Cup

She loves her sippie cup. Just one more way she feels independent. I have no clue where she might get that quality from... We mixed apple juice with water and she loved it. Hopefully it wont be as hard breaking her from the bottle.

Uncle B's Baseball Tournament

Miller was really enjoying herself at Uncle B's baseball tournament out in Elysian Fields. She doesn't have a choice but to like baseball since she has the Goswick last name. You can see in some pictures how Miller hates having sunscreen on her face.

Miller meets Point of Grace

Point of Grace were the musicians for our annual women's event at church this year, Feminar. Throughout the weekend they kept asking about Miller Grace and if they could meet her. This is the moment they had all been waiting for. You can tell by the looks on their faces they thought she was a doll... something we already knew.

Sitting up in her Bath Tub

Miller has finally conquerred the task of sitting up by herself in her bath tub. She thinks she is so big now. And boy does it give Mommy's back a break from having to bend so far over the bath tub ledge. This makes everyone Happy!

GG's Birthday

We celebrated GG's Birthday alittle different this year. We went to her house and all the kiddos cooked a breakfast supper for her. She loved it because she had all of her "birdies in her nest". Miller wasn't in the best mood... one of her many sides.

Our First Pair of Converse

Thanks to Uncie & Megan, Miller is officially in style with her first pair of Converses. They are alittle big right now but it sure helps her balance.