Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dallas Trip

Miller made her second trip to the Big D. It was packed full of shopping and eating out. She was such a trooper. She even got to meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Saturday at their rehearsal. As Kelly, the director was playing with her I told her not to critique Miller's chubby cheeks... that she would eventually outgrow them. Mommie and Daddie took a picture with mommie's favorite cheerleader, Jordan Chanley. She is so sweet and loves the Lord. DeDe took Miller to the Gaddis' house while Shane and I went to the Cowboys/Giants game on Sunday night. Shane had such a good time... Megan came and got us right after halftime and took us to the Stadium Club which overlooks the entire field. We watched the rest of the game with all the high rollers in Dallas. Then she took us on the field after the game and we were able to see Romo and T.O. as they walked in the tunnel. Needless to say we got stuck in our parking spot after the game because traffic was so bad. Fortunately, Nastia Luikin was in a car next to us so I got out and took a picture with her. Nastia is the reigning Olympic Gold Medalist in the All Around Gymnastics. It was very nice of her to get out in the freezing cold to take a picture. The weekend was so much fun!

Miller meets Santa Claus

I took Miller to meet Santa Claus at our mall in Longview. She did so well. I just knew the minute I handed her over to him she was going to fall apart, but she didn't. She just snuggled right up to his soft white fur. I told him she wanted three things for Christmas... diapers, wipes, and formula. He told me he figured he could handle that. I told him she has been a very good girl this year considering she has only been here for 3 1/2 months. I can only hope next years trip to visit Santa goes that well. Ü

Miller's New Hat

One day last week Miller received a package in the mail from Jennifer and her girls. It was packed full of hair bows and a few hats with fur on them. Miller loves the pink one. We had been looking at different stores trying to find a hat or beanie to keep her head warm when we were out but all we could find was an Texas A&M one at Academy and Daddy exed that one very quickly. Too bad Uncie Cory wasn't with us because he would have purchased it for her.

Christmas Pictures

It has been so difficult trying to get a decent family picture for this year's Christmas Card. Fortuntely, my best friend Allison is a really good photographer, so she took our picture one night we were over having dinner. And that ended up being our Christmas card. We couldn't get Miller to look at the camera... she was watching "Polar Express" on the T.V. She is her father's child.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thankgiving with the Halliburton's

Thanksgiving this year was spent alittle different...
We have tried to start new traditions this year for several reasons. One, since we lost dad this past January, Two, we have Miller Grace, and three because we are in a new season of our lives.

Therefore, Thanksgiving with the Halliburton's was spent on the November 28th.

Due to the Cowboys having a home game on Thanksgiving Day Uncie Cory & Megan couldn't make it in until Friday morning. So once they arrived we celebrated with lots of Turkey, Ham, & Desserts.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving at Mamaw & Pap's

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Mamaw & Pap on Tuesday before Thanksgiving because all our relatives from out of state came in town. This is not only Thanksigiving for our family but also Birthdays for Courtney, Cousin Melissa, & Dad as well as Christmas because my cousins who live out of state can't come for both holidays. So needless to say, it was a very busy day. This was also a very emotional day because it was our first Thanksgiving with out dad. The Lord was faithful in seeing us through. This past year has truely taught me what I'm thankful for and that is my family.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Miller's First time in the Nursery at Church

Miller did very well her first time in the nursery at Church. Mommie was alittle anxious about taking her. I even lost some sleep over it. Thankfully, Amanda, a nursery worker, who loves children was in Miller's class so it made me feel lots better. Miller did really well on Sunday morning but when we took her back on Sunday night, so Shane & I could go to our Baby Wise class, Amanda had to come get me. Miller was having a moment. I showed her how she likes to be bounced away from your body in front of you & from then on Amanda had it taken care of. I just pray Miller doesn't pull some of the tricks I pulled when I was in the nursery at church... climbing out of the crib, ect.