Monday, January 19, 2009

Introducing in Rice Cereal

The time has come.... Miller has reached 14 lbs and is ready to begin solids according to Dr. Hudson. He did tell us that we should start with rice cereal and after a week or so begin veggies and then finally introduce fruits. As you can tell by the pictures, she was very interested in something new. It's hard to tell if she liked the taste of it because every bite was spit out as she was trying to figure out how to swallow. Altogether, it was a fun experience for us all.

Visit to Hope

A few days after the Christmas gatherings settled down we made a day trip to Hope, Arkanasas to visit my Mamaw and Pap. Pap was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer and it has since spread to his liver and other parts of the body. He is under Hospice care at this time but several very nice nurses and caregivers as well as his #1 fan... Mamaw.
We interupted Mamaw getting her hair curled but she was so excited to see Miller, it didn't bother her one bit.

Christmas Night at Grannie Goswick's

Every year on the night of Christmas the Goswick Family all goes to Grannie G's for a few gifts and food and games. GG played goo goo with Miller while Shane & I beat G-Pop & Uncle Charlie at Wahoo. Wahoo is a board game that is similar to Chinese Checkers. It is a family tradition during the holidays to play Wahoo.

Miller First Christmas Morning

Santa Claus was so good to us this year. I believe that means we were good all year long. Even though this Christmas brought about many NEW traditions and experiences it was one that I don't think any of us will ever forget. It was our first Christmas with Miller Grace as well as our first Christmas without daddy. The Lord definately gives and takes away. One of our new traditions this year was for Cory's girlfriend, Megan, and her sister, Afton, to come stay at our house along with DeDe and Uncie Cory the night of Christmas Eve. DeDe bought us all matching pj's. DeDe bought Miller her first little Red wagon along with Diapers, wipes and formula. Uncie Cory & Megan also got her formula and diapers. Shane & I gave Miller her first Bible.
Cory and Megan gave me a handmade blanket of all of my dad's coaching t-shirts. It was by far the best gift I have ever received. Miller got Shane the electronic monopoly game. He loved it.
This Christmas was spent alittle differently than years past but it was truely one that wont be forgotten.

Christmas with GG & G-Pop

The eve of Christmas Eve GG & G-Pop & Uncle Brandon and Aunt Leah came to spend the night with us. After a wild game of Catch Phrase we headed off to bed so Santa could come visit Miller. After a morning of sleeping in, we decided to get up and open presents. Wow... Santa AKA GG & G-Pop were really good to us this year. Daddy got jeans and insulated cover-alls for hunting. Mommie got a new straight iron. Miller got lots and lots and lots of solid food, diapers, wipes, & formula. GG & G-Pop got a canvas made with pictures of Miller's body parts. For example, her ear, toes, fingers, nose, eyes, ect. They loved it!! Uncle Brandon & Aunt Leah got a brand new camera and boy they were excited. Although the gifts were nice, it was a blessing just to be together and laugh with one another.

Annual Ornament Exchange

This year, my sweet friend Brittany Kuykendall, started an annual Ornament Exchange for us girls who have grown up together through the years. It was such a neat time for us to get back together over the years... especially with our new additions. Ü This was so much fun, I am already looking forward to next year and yes I have already purchased my ornament.

Christmas with the Hampton's

This year we made the trip to Pittsburg to celebrate the season with Shane's moms side of the family. There was lots of delicious food, fun card games, & wonderful fellowship. Boy, are they a crazy family!?