Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pooped after Walmart trip

Miller was catching up on her rest after a long and exhausting grocery trip to Wal-mart on Saturday. Thankful Gigi and G-Pop had to go grocery shopping as well so they decided to come with us and shop with Miller so we could get our groceries. Needless to say, Miller was exhausted!

Western Days

Mamaw & Pap came down for Miller's first Western Days. Western Days is a big event in Hallsville held every year. It begins on Friday night with a football game. Then Saturday morning is a parade and locals set up booths to sell items they make. Uncle Bud had a booth selling his beautiful birdhouses. Then Saturday evening is the Miss Hallsville Pageant for Hallsville High School Senior girls. Mamaw & Pap watched Miller at the Dairy Queen while Shane & I walked around the different booths.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tommy Miller "Run for the Prize"

In honor of dad, Coach Dean McDaniel decided to host a Tommy Miller "Run for the Prize" 5K run through Hallsville. It turned out to be a huge success as well as raised money for the Tommy Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund. Over 150 contestants participated including children who ran a 3K. We see everyday how dad's legacy still lives on.

Miller's First trip to Dallas

We headed to the Big D on Thursday, October 9th, for several reasons. 1) Uncle Cory's 27th Birthday 2) Mommy needed to get out of Longview & 3) Miller was ready for her first big shopping trip to Dallas. It was such a fun and exciting getaway for The Goswick Family and DeDe. When we arrived on Thursday evening we met Uncle Cory and Megan as well as Logan and Gloria Gaddis at a Sushi Restraunt to celebrate Uncle Cory and Logan's Birthdays. As the weekend went on, Miller got to see what it was like to shop all day for 3 days. Mommy did give her a break for one day and let her stay at Uncle Cory's appartment with Shane and Uncle Cory to catch up on some football. As the weekend came to an end and we said our goodbyes Miller went right to sleep. She was POOPED! Overall we were so proud of her on her first road trip.